Petite Jacqueline Now Open

The new Petite Jacqueline is now open at 46 Market Street.

Owners Steve and Michelle Corry closed the original location in Longfellow Square and have merged Petite Jacqueline and Portland Patisserie into a single location in the Old Port.

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  1. Actually they two separate spaces. PJ has ninety percent of the space with Pattisserie being reduced to one pastry case and eight seats. The entire dining room area is for PJ’s. So don’t go there excepting their wonderful crepes for breakfast as that’s gone. Same for their lovely lunch sandwiches.


  2. Cat – are you sure about this? What you describe sounds like the temporary setup they had during construction. Didn’t think that was permanent. Their website continues to list crepes and sandwiches on the breakfast and lunch menu…

  3. I was told by the person working morning that the setup I saw was indeed permanent. I noted they said in the article linked to by PFM that they said they’d are serving lunch sandwhich but when I was there around ten, there are no board saying that crepes were available.

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