October Bollard

The October issue of The Bollard has hit newsstands. This month’s edition includes a review of the Sunday brunch at Caiola’s, articles about the advantages of home canning and about cooking fresh caught fish, and a new installment in The Land of the Forgotten Cocktail series by award-winning bartender John Myers. Copies can be found just about anywhere free newspapers are distributed.

Kim Chi Quest

In his quest for kim chi, Portland Psst! has reviewed the kim chi burger on the menu at Five Fifty-Five.

“The kim chi is a crunchy dollop of pickled Asian vegetables on a cook-to-temp grass-fed hamburger. The meat . . . is leaner (both in portion size and flavor) and ‘greener’ than most burgers elsewhere.”

"New Era in Dining Out"

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed Steve and Renee’s Diner.

“By staking the nation’s wealth on speculative loans and the housing bubble, rather than stable jobs with respectable salaries, we may have ushered in a new era in dining out . . . It won’t be so bad. A visit to Steve and Renee’s diner for the Saturday night all-you-can-eat turkey dinner (for $8.50!) is enough to convince you that things will be all right while we wait this one out.”