Oga Suya

Ajambo Africa has published an article about Oga Suya, the mobile Nigerian barbecue business owned by Young Francis and Rose Barboza.

Francis grew up in Nigeria surrounded by a big family, where food played a significant role in his upbringing. He worked in restaurants growing up, and his skills and passion for cooking – combined with Barboza’s business savvy – are a winning combination. “Young is just an amazing chef. Since we’ve met, I just don’t cook anymore. … He carefully blends a mix of spices and peanuts to create a nutty, smoky, and spicy flavor that is unmatched,” said Barboza.  

Author Lillian Lama has also profiled several other restaurants for Ajambo Africa including one of Tostones CafeFloresSal de la Terre, and Yardie Ting.