Upcoming Events

ThursdayQuanto Basta is holding their grand opening on Thursday. Twirl has opened their ice cream shop in the Public Market House and will be open Thursday through Sunday this week. There will be a Percy’s pop-up event at Crispy Gai.

FridayFika (instagram), the new take-out Scandinavian bakery in Saco, is scheduled to open Friday morning.

SundayMaine Open Farm Day is taking place, and Maine Bakers for a Cause are holding an event at Ugly Duckling.

July 24 – Little Pig (website, instagram) is transitioning from pop-up mode to being fully open Monday through Saturday, noon – 8 pm.

July 26 – it’s the Frying Dutchman’s last day in business.

July 27 – Absolem Cider in Winthrop will be hosting chef Justin Smillie for a pizza pop-up called Slow Fires. Absolem will be serving a special line-up of cider, cocktail, and wine for the night and the crew from Table Bar is DJing the event.

July 27-29 – The Kneading Conference and Maine Artisan Bread Fair will be taking place in Skowhegan.

August 3-5 – the Wavy Days beer festival and associated events are taking place. The beer festival itself will feature beers from 55 breweries and take place on Thompson’s Point.

August 6/7 – Chef Amy Kayne from 2Gether is serving a pair of candlelight dinners on House Island in Casco Bay.

August 23 – An Outstanding in the Field dinner is taking place at Dandelion Spring Farm with guest chef Neil Zabriskie from Regards.

August 25-27 – chefs Sam Hayward, Evan Mallett and others will be leading Take a Bite out of Appledore: An Eco-Culinary Island Retreat.

September 10 – the Maine Cheese Festival is taking place.

September 24The Saltyard is holding a cocktail brunch at Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport.

September 30Tender Table is holding their 3rd annual food and art fair in Congress Square Park.

October 8Maine Open Creamery Day is taking place.

November 5Chaval is holding a late harvest dinner at Wolfe’s Neck Center in Freeport.