New Taco Trio in South Portland

Taco Trio (website, facebook, instagram) quietly opened their new South Portland location yesterday. The new 90-seat Taco Trio is located at 60 Ocean Street just a few blocks away from the original location at the Knightville rotary.

The restaurant initially will serve the same menu (tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, sopes, tamales, etc) and will expand over time. They also hope to eventually hold food events to showcase the food and drink culture of Mexico.

New to this location will be a 15-seat bar and cocktail program. The bar will showcase agave-based spirits. The house cocktail list includes items like Sunset in Mexico (Azteca Azul Reposado tequila with butterfly peaflower and lemonade, and the Matador Norteña (Pizcadores Sotol, pineapple and lemon juice with agave and habenero). Flights of agave spirits are also available.

Taco Trio expects to open today at 4 pm. Their regular hours will be Tuesday through Saturday 11 am to 9 pm. The owners also have a second Taco Trio location under construction in Saco—stay tuned for more info on when that location will open.