Mr Sandwich, Mama’s, Bayside Bowl

Today’s Press Herald includes a review of Mr. Sandwich & Mrs. Muffin,

I thought the roll was fresh and tasted fine, but I was disappointed not to have the crunchy baguette. I also couldn’t tell if there was jalapeno and mayo dressing (it seemed to be just mayo), but that may have been because of the strong taste of the pepperjack cheese. I really liked the kick of the cheese, because it jazzed up what amounted to a standard ham sandwich. I got chips, but no pickle.

a bar review of Mama’s Crow Bar,

At Mama’s, like any good neighborhood bar- you never know what you are going to get and there is something for everyone. That’s why you go. Well, that and the fine drink and good company, because that never changes.

and an update on Bayside Bowl which is slated to open next month.

There’s also focaccia bread pizza, grilled ribeye, mini chicken chimichangas and double cheeseburgers. The veggie stir-fry and garden burger mean the meat-free won’t have to brown-bag it.

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