Mark Sprague, Organizer of the Portland Brew Festival

Brews and Books blogger Josh Christie has posted an interview on Hop Press with Mark Sprague, the organizer of the Portland Brew Festival.

Nationally and locally, beer festivals are becoming more popular every year. How is the Portland Brew Festival different than the other Maine beer fests?
Maine has some awesome beers and nearly every festival in the state focuses on just these great in-state brewers, but I made the conscious decision to invite brewers from across the region–there are so many up-and-coming brewers and unknowns who should be known… I want the people who come to this festival to leave with an “aha” moment about a brewer or beer or cider they discovered here.  I’m also coming at this from a homebrewer background.  I’ve been to a number of festivals, but never one where they are brewing live at the event.

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