Map & Menu 2014

Map & Menu has posted a list of their favorite Maine food and drink of 2014.

We’re finishing up our Best of 2014 posts with the most challenging to whittle down and write – our favorite food (and drinks!) from our home state of Maine. There are plenty of spots in Portland and beyond that we wish we could include on this list, these are simply the dishes and restaurants that stood out to us and kept us coming back for more in 2014.

2 comments on “Map & Menu 2014

  1. My favorite meal of 2014- grilled pork tenderloin with fresh fruit chutney at Joshua’s in Wells. My wife would tell you her favorite was at Joshua’s, too. Pan roasted chicken stuffed with serrano ham, basil, provolone and lemon zest. Neither dish was unnecessarily grandiose or pretentious, just perfectly executed and served with impeccably fresh ingredients.

  2. Biggest restaurant rip off of 2014- an order of langoustine’s from Ebb and Flow! $19 will get you 2 langoustines that have been split and grilled and drizzled with oil and herbs. They are delicious but SMALL. Each lang tail has 2 tiny bites of meat, and forget trying to extract any meat from the legs or tiny claws. That said, the other plates we sampled were yummy. Spend your money on a couple more of their excellent cocktails and then grab a slice at Ottos on the way home.

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