Maine Craft Breweries & Reviews of Scarpa’s and The Holy Donut

As I had mentioned last weekend the new issue of The Bollard is out. They’ve now put the articles online. The July issue includes a bar review of Scarpa’s,

On my follow-up visit, I tested Maciek’s creative side. Still strapped for selection behind the bar, he whipped up a light mix of Stoli orange and raspberry vodkas with citrus juices. As a summer drink, it hit the spot and was a competent companion to the delicious Chicken Saltimbocca — the broth was so good I ordered a side of bread to clean my plate.

a breakfast review of The Holy Donut,

So what does the future hold? For all I know, upscale doughnuts could go the way of the frozen yogurt shop and disappear within a few years. Or maybe they’re here to stay, and we’ll be seeing Holy Donut franchises opening up across the country. Regardless, they’re here right now, in Portland, and you should go get some today before they’re all gone. This is one upscaled, luxury food you can’t afford to miss.

and an article about the latest wave of craft breweries to open in Maine.

The battle is becoming a rout. No fewer than six homegrown breweries have been established in Maine in the past three years. Portland is home to four: Bunker Brewing, Maine Beer Company, Bull Jagger and Rising Tide. Baxter Brewing Co. is cranking out cans in Lewiston’s Bates Mill. Oxbow crafts Belgian farmhouse beers in a remodeled barn in Newcastle.

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