Maine Beer Madness

Maine Today has launched the 2016 edition of their bracket beer competition, Maine Beer Maddness.

This first round features some big match-ups. Dinner from Maine Beer Company goes against Allagash White — two behemoths in their own right. Super Fresh from Peak Organic meets Peeper Ale from Maine Beer Company, which will be a fun hoppy beer match-up to watch playout.

This Round of 64 will run for five days, giving you the opportunity to try a slew of brews and get the word out about the tournament. Voting ends on March 20 at 8 p.m.

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  1. Off topic, apologies, but Johnny Robinson is back and behind the bar at Scales. What a nice surprise! His warm smile and authentic Irish charm made our first visit to Scales a royal treat. Slainte Johnny!

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