Maine Ahead: Oakhurst & Gelato Fiasco

The new issue of Maine Ahead magazine includes a profile of Oakhurst Dairy,

“It’s a competitive market, and we’re very fortunate to be in our 90th year and still own the business,” he says. “My grandfather started it back in 1921, with the help of the Cushman family, who ran Cushman’s Bakery.  They helped put up the money so that he could buy a small dairy down the street. Back then there were probably 50 dairies in Portland. If you had a farm, you had a dairy.”

and a profile of Gelato Fiasco,

Top-quality gelato, the Italian cousin of ice cream made with milk rather than cream, was, of course, the first step. Some gelaterias simply use powdered flavors and bases, add milk, and freeze. At The Gelato Fiasco, Tropeano, a 28-year-old raised in Brookfield, Connecticut, oversees a truly-from-scratch process in the tiny kitchen, cooking the base ingredients in a “hot” process that makes a smoother, more stable base than powdered mixes. The crew then adds flavor—nearly 700 since 2007, with 30 available every day—using real fruits, nuts, liquor, candy, and so on.

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