Lolita To close September 2nd

Lolita has announced plans to close. The night of September 2nd will be their last service.

Lolita is owned by Guy and Stella Hernandez in conjunction with business partners Neil & Lauren Reiter and Bob Manheimer. The restaurant opened June 1st 2014.

Here’s an excerpt from their announcement, you can read the full statement on instagram,

In January of 2006, we signed the lease on our first restaurant & our son came home from the Philippines in 2007. Since then, it’s been a thirteen-year whirlwind of family and restaurant life.

In 2012 we had the good fortune to connect with Neil Reiter, and with his experience & vision, the three of us developed what has become Lolita. Speaking of good fortune, we were also on the receiving end of the architectural skill, & creativity of Lauren Reiter who transformed a raw, concrete block space into the restaurant we love; softening the edges with reclaimed wood, a generous zinc bar, & finding ways for us to fit our wood grill & wine storage all into less than 900 square feet. As Neil has said, our intention was to make a place ‘reminiscent of an Old World bodega where, throughout the day, neighbors & visitors alike gather to share some wine, snacks or a meal, and a lot of congenial conversation.”

The restaurant has a sneaky way of cutting to the front of the line in life. It’s the thing that’s on fire (sometimes literally) that draws your energy. It’s been our way of life & it’s been absolutely grand. But now we’re ready for more – more time for us & our family. We’re not a fan of long goodbyes – (okay this post is a bit long) – so Monday, September 2nd will be our last night of service at Lolita. It has been the best adventure of our lives – so far.

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