Lobster Roll Reviews: Fishermen’s Grill, Porthole, Calder’s, Portland Lobster Co, Lobster Shack, Billy’s, Brunswick Diner, Maine Diner

For the August edition of our collaborative food writing project the group is publishing a set of lobster roll reviews. Think of it like the director’s cut edition guide to Maine lobster rolls. 6 Bloggers have produced 8 reviews of establishments in 5 towns plus a lobster roll conversion of Appetite Portland, a lobster roll confession by Chubby Werewolf,  Fishermen’s Grill removed from the unreviewed list, a seal rescue, the phrase “shiny and toothsome, like a Fox News correspondent”, detailed (no, really) directions on getting to Calder’s, and an examination of the hot vs cold lobster roll debate.

Appetite Portland – Billy’s Chowder House & Brunswick Diner

It truly was a revelation. Adam (who demurred from purchasing his own roll due to “a lack of hunger” – always a dubious claim) practically arm-wrestled me for it in the end. Heavy on fresh lobster (with a healthy amount of the succulent claw) and light on the mayo, it featured a crisp lettuce leaf and a generously buttered, split-top roll toasted to perfection. A seriously awesome sandwich. Simple. A credit to it’s genre. A roll that tempered my biases and made me hanker for more..… read the full article

Chubby WerewolfFishermen’s Grill & Maine Diner

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I did not have my first lobster roll until I was 32 years old. I know, I know… its a pretty horrifying thing to hear… right up there with finding out that the guy you’ve been dating for six months murders prostitutes in his spare time. But we all have our crosses to bear, and lobster roll ignorance was mine for more than three decades. read the full article

Edible ObsessionsThe Lobster Shack

The lobster was cooked perfectly, with nary a touch of rubber in the texture. The mayo went nice–my dollop was not overwhelming. The slightly toasted roll and shredded iceberg lettuce added a nice crunch through all of the fat and richness. It isn’t high end and it doesn’t try to be. It was just honest and very satisfying. read the full article

From AwayPortland Lobster Co.

This lobster roll ($15.99), it’s peculiar. It was neither the hot-and-buttered version I grew up eating in Connecticut, nor the mixed-with-mayo type I have come to adore from my favorite seafood spot of all time, Patty’s in Edgecomb. Instead, a somewhat sparse pile of unscathed claw-and-knuckle meat, served, as the menu observes, “brushed with sweet butter,” but with none of the promised “mayonnaise on the side,” sitting within a chlorophyll-color leaf of lettuce tucked into a bun, shiny and toothsome, like a Fox News correspondent. read the full article

The Blueberry FilesThe Porthole

I didn’t find the best lobster roll in town, but I really enjoyed talking to people about their lobster roll preferences. I’ve yet to met a person who doesn’t have an opinion, and usually they suggest the best rolls are from places up and down the coast. This makes me think that eating a good lobster roll is less about the lobster and the bun and more about the scenery. read the full article

Vrai-lean-uhCalder’s Clam Shack

The lobster roll was $11.50, $13.50 with fries. The meat is sweet and tender, tossed lightly with mayonnaise, and topped with salt and pepper. It’s wedged into a toasted hotdog bun with a piece of lettuce for variety or as a gesture towards healthfulness. The lobster is cut up into small enough pieces that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart on you as you’re eating it.

It was perfect.… read the full article

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