Little Pig on Walker Street

A new restaurant called Little Pig (website, instagram) has moved into the former Figgy’s location in the West End.

Owners Michael and Piyathida Macdonnell will be serving a menu of what they’re calling “Thai-ish” cuisine—dishes that bring together elements of their Maine and Thai backgrounds.

We hope to bring a little bit of our family’s dinner table to yours with our first take away location. In our blended family of South East Asian and East Coast folks, we try to bring a lot of fun and a lot of flavor.

Food on the streets have been some of our favorites. If we can achieve just a little bit of that far-east feeling here in Portland, our hearts will be full.

We plan on offering some familiar classics and some new ideas. Our goals are to always be approachable and always be full flavored.

While they’re still working on a full menu and launch, the Macdonnell’s will be holding Little Pig pop-up (see menu below) this coming Saturday through Monday, 2 pm – 6 pm. Little Pig is located at 722B Congress Street on the back side of the Yordprom Coffee building.

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