LD 1082: Growler Sales at Beer Stores

Maine law currently allows for brewers to fill and sell growlers (half gallon refillable containers) on site at their brewery. There’s now a bill before the Maine Legislature (LD 1082) that would enable beer stores to sell beer from a variety of brewers in growlers. The next step in the process is a hearing before the Veterans and Legal Affairs on the 24th.

For more information read these recent posts from Insurance Guy Beer Blog and The Beer Babe who writes,

Imagine walking into your favorite beer store…When you walk in, you are greeted by the usual selection of bottled beer, but you see something new as well. Instead of being limited to what can be bottled or put in cans, you could also have the option to fill a growler – a glass refillable container – with local beer from all over the state. These beers might include those that you would never have the chance to otherwise sample unless you took a trip to the brewery itself.

If My Coaster Could Talk interviewed Greg Norton, owner of theBier Cellar in Portland, and Eric Mihan, owner of Bangor Wine & Cheese about the law.

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