JP's Bistro Review & Wholesome Junk Food

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of JP’s Bistro.

A more interesting assortment of mushrooms spotted the risotto that was served with grilled scallops. They gave the risotto a deep, rich flavor. The grains had softened to just the right tenderness in plenty of butter and broth. The scallops were a bit over-seared — their appearance hinted at the slightest of shrivels — but still juicy in the center.

This week’s Phoenix also includes an article about Laura Trice who

has been in the business of healthy junk food since 2001, when she left medicine to launch her cookie company, Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food, in Venice, California. The company currently distributes its fruit-sweetened, vegan, and kosher cookies in natural-food stores nationwide (in Portland, you can find Laura’s cookies in the Whole Foods bakery and at Maine Medical Center’s coffee shop, where a share of the proceeds helps pay for Maine students to attend medical school).

Trice will be at Longfellow Books in Monument Square on Sunday at 3 pm for a signing of her book The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook.

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