3 comments on “January Bollard

  1. There are about 8 or 10 of us that are still searching. While a few still go to the new venue, the character and ambiance are gone. It all started (for me) around 1997 or so, when after getting off the 7:15 from Peaks we needed somewhere to go to hang for an hour or so before going to work. There was a ad agency owner, a printer, a boatbuilder, a few retired gents, a lawyer, a landscape architect, and a few other “corporate” types. We all enjoyed the mornings there, especially watching over Sam and Gerrie’s moods and attitudes. No more . . .
    I believe there was one error in your story. I do not think Don “sold” the store.
    As for a new venue, it is a trip, but try the Royal bean in Yarmouth. Nice Folks.
    And . . . Maybe some day you’ll stay at our house again and write another article about it!

  2. Scott is correct — Maine Bean assumed the lease for the space as Dan simply ran out of cash to keep it going.

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