Interview with Masa Miyake

Mainebiz interviewed Masa Miyake about his start in the restaurant industry and plans for opening Miyake Diner on Spring Street.

MB: Why did you open the original Miyake in the West End, and why are you returning?
MM: I visited Maine on vacation, and we moved to the countryside. My dream was growing a few pigs, chickens and vegetables by myself and working somewhere. But the owners of a small pizza place [in the West End] asked me if I was interested in buying the lease for $20,000. I took it over in June 2007. But it only had an electric stove. So I put in a sushi bar, because you don’t need gas. We served tsubo-style sushi and interesting dishes. A chef came in, Rob Evans [former Hugo’s owner], and told the newspapers the place to go is Miyake. So he introduced us around. At the time we were small.

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