Interview with John Naylor at Rosemont

The Press Herald has published an interview with John Naylor, co-owner of Rosemont.

Q: You’ve gone from one store to four and a catering operation. What are the plans for growth?
If we’re going to expand, our kitchen needs to get bigger and our warehouse needs to get bigger, so were going to start looking for space. We’re at about 4,000 square feet at the warehouse and we’re looking to expand to 10,000 to 12,000 square feet. We’d like to be able to take big animals in bigger pieces (for the butcher shop) and to get into preservation with the produce and offer Maine products year-round. That’s our mission now, to find that space. If we could have a warehouse big enough to help farmers store their crop, it could open up business with institutions. For instance, I’m on a committee that’s looking at how we get more local food into Portland’s public schools.

3 comments on “Interview with John Naylor at Rosemont

  1. Heard from a couple sources that a new Rosemont store going into the development at Bracket and Pine.

  2. There is a great location for Rosemont further down Brackett at the corner of York Street, Next to Omi’s coffeeshop.

  3. I guessed rosemont when that spot was first announced. I live a block away which would be sweet. I guess they’re different enough from aurora provisions to coexist. Aurora isn’t opens Sundays either

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