Geary’s & Bar of Chocolate Review

Today’s Press Herald includes a bar review of the Bar of Chocolate Cafe,

The Bar of Chocolate may easily be the Old Port’s best-kept secret. Tucked between the Oasis and Amigos, this bar is unlike any other I’ve been to in Maine.

Patrons walk in off the cobblestone street to find comfy chairs, a few tables and a small L-shaped bar with stools. To the right of the bar is a nicely lit dessert case filled with delectable treats for some late-night snacking.

and a What Ales You column about Geary’s Summer Ale and a plan to sell the beer in cans.

In a related topic, Geary said that later this summer, the company will be selling the Summer Ale in cans in a partnership with Wachusett Brewing Co. in Westminster, Mass., near Fitchburg.

“Wachusett has the canning equipment,” Geary said. “What is good about this is that we will brew the beer here, doing everything but the packaging. Then a 200-barrel tank truck shows up and will take it directly to Wachusett’s.”

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  1. Re: the Geary’s Summer Ale article, I’ve never understood why its summer ale is described as a kolsch. I’m no beer expert, but (while I like the summer ale), its taste to me is nothing like a kolsch. Any beer experts out there want to help explain?

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