Food Trucks: Mainely Burgers 2.0


Mainely Burgers (Facebook, Twitter) plans to launch their Portland-based food truck, Mainely Burgers 2.0, next month on Monday May 20. Owners Ben Berman and Jack Barber have two spots already picked out and are continuing to explore other options. They’ll be experimenting with serving breakfast at 108 Saint John Street, outside the building where their production kitchen is located, and have leased a spot in the parking lot of the former Press Herald press building on Pearl Street for service later in the day. The menu of traditional beach truck food will be expanding in Portland because being in the city gives them room to be “a little more adventurous” with new specials making it on to the menu throughout the summer.

The pair founded Mainely Burgers last summer and had a very successful inaugural year operating on the Scarborough State Beach (the beach truck will re-open on Memorial Day weekend). They’re both Cape Elizabeth HS grads and are now attending college in the Boston area. They see running Maine Burgers and managing the 15-=erson staff as a great learning opportunity, and hope their success can serve as an example to others their age who want to launch their own start-ups.

Ben and Jack also tell me they expect to also use the MB 2.0 truck to provide catering for public and corporate events.

Maine Burgers was a nominee in Phoenix Best of Portland readership poll and was one of the Final Four the winner best burgers in the recent Eater Maine burger series.

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