First Reviews for Skinny Cart BBQ

The Blueberry Files has published a review of Skinny Cart BBQ

So here it is, in all it’s meaty, saucy glory. Definitely hard to eat- super messy, with lots of beef and onions to drag out into your lap as you over look the industrialness that is the backside of Marginal Way. But the sauce is sweet, tomatoey, and peppery (or maybe that was the bacon, yes!), and the meat is pink and juicy.

and so has Edible Obsessions,

Lightly charred, but gorgeously pink, beef is more than generously doused with a homemade sauce, added bacon and caramelized onions. While the meat and onions were great, the sauce reminded me a bit too much of that dreaded childhood BBQ. A hint too sweet and a bit too heavy with the black pepper, I would have liked about half of the sauce that was there.

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