Dishcrawl Tours

According to a report from Maine a la Carte, Dishcrawl Tours (website, Twitter) is setting up a service in Portland and plans on starting tours in early May.

“At the first three restaurants, they get a trio of smaller-sized foods,” says Mary Soule, the Portland Dishcrawl “ambassador” who will be leading the tours. “And while they’re eating, hopefully the chef or at least the owner will come out and talk to people about the food and about the restaurant, the background and history of it. So instead of just sampling the food that the restaurant has to offer, it’s about really building a community with the locals and the chefs in their own towns.”

Portland’s food tour options have expanded quite a bit in the last year. In addition to Dishcrawl, you now can also choose from: Maine Foodie Tours, Wine Wise, The Maine Brew Bus, Maine Beer Tours and Maine Cocktail Tours.

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