Coffee Shops Move/Expand: Omi’s, Daily Grind

According to the Sentry, Omi’s Coffee Shop is hoping to move from its current location in the West End to Meeting House Hill in South Portland,

The change will allow the conversion of office space at 372 Cottage Road to retail food service. Cape Elizabeth resident Gail Bruzgo requested the change in hopes of relocating her business, Omi’s Coffee Shop, from Brackett Street in Portland. Bruzgo said she did not realize until after buying the building that a business like her coffee shop would not be allowed in the Residential Transition Zone, which was limited to residential housing and office space.

and the Press Herald reports that the Daily Grind coffee drive through in Westbrook is planning to expand into a traditional sit down coffee shop.

They knew it was time. The Daily Grind will open a sit-down shop next door to the drive-thru, which will stay open.

“When that building sold, we knew that Maine Med was going to be there for the long term, and we really needed to jump on this opportunity quickly,” Sue Salisbury said.

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  1. Great news about Omi!! This part of South Portland needs more (better) eating and drinking options over here. A sit down coffee shop will be very welcomed!

  2. The times I’ve been there, generally late afternoon, there was very little traffic either of people coming in to stay awhile or take away business. I wonder if there just not enough folks passing that spot to be viable.

    They made one of the best hot chocolates on the peninsula, almost as good as A Morning in Paris which was my all-time fav.

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