Chef Wilfred Beriau Retires

Today’s Press Herald recognizes the impact of Chef Beriau has had on the SMCC culinary school and its students as his 26-year career at the college draws to a close.

That story, one of Beriau’s fondest memories of his time at SMCC, perfectly illustrates the way his former students and colleagues will remember him when he steps down as chair of the departments of Culinary Arts and Lodging & Restaurant Management on June 30: Intimidating, but caring and compassionate. A drill sergeant who pushes his students to their limits, but whose heart expands, Grinch-like, when he talks about them.

Did you study under Chef Beriau? Post a comment and share you favorite memories of being in his class.

One comment on “Chef Wilfred Beriau Retires

  1. I didn’t study under Chef Beriau but benefited many times from his excellent training and nurturing of young Chefs over the years! As an employer finding chefs eager and knowledgeable is sometimes difficult and Chef Beriau took on the challenge- preducing great candidates! He also always took my call when looking for recommendations and steered me in the right direction. At the moment we employ 5 of his former and current and the other day they were all bantering back and forth about Chef Beriau fondly! I can’t tell you how much we will miss him!

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