Changes at Ebb & Flow

Melissa and William D’Auvray at Ebb & Flow have announced plans to move back to North Carolina. The couple are the front of house manager and chef at Ebb & Flow. They’re making the change to be closer to family while raising their son William and continuing to work in their careers.

Melissa and William  want to express their appreciation to their staff “for providing consistently wonderful food and personable, professional service on a daily basis. They are the reason we have enjoyed such great reviews since opening”, and to the “thousands of guests we’ve been fortunate enough to serve since opening, especially the countless regulars we see on a weekly basis who have taken the time to get to know us  – and little William”.

March 19th will be the D’Auvray’s last day at Ebb & Flow. Owner Angelo Ciocca plans to temporarily close the restaurant for some renovations March 20 – April 19, and will reopen with chef Paolo Laboa at the helm. Here’s a short video about Laboa when he joined the staff of a restaurant in Massachusetts. He is moving to Portland from Napa Valley.

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  1. Giorgio, No, I haven’t heard anything about the other two. It sounds like he has some work to do with Ebb & Flow before he’d have time to direct to the launching two more.

  2. Ran by Ebb & Flow this morning and had some thoughts. They’d be well served to do something different with the space & more importantly menu. I spent $100 on dinner there a month back and can’t remember what I ate.

    How about:
    German beer hall with German food
    Upscale Indian

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