Maine Food for Thought

Mainebiz and The Blueberry Files have published articles on Maine Food for Thought.

The tour started at Union, where we heard an introduction from Bryce and then from chef Josh Berry. Maine Food for Thought features businesses that, according to Bryce, “go beyond their bottom line to source locally and sustainably.” Union’s menu is shaped by local produce availability, with the menu often being determined by what’s available at the farmers’ market.

Liquid Riot

The Bollard has published a profile of Liquid Riot.

“We do everything,” said owner Eric Michaud, “we can’t have one part without the others here. There’s a synergy to it.” Nationwide, there are still only a dozen or so brewery/distillery combinations out there. It’s difficult to manage two alcoholic-beverage-producing operations in concert, let alone with the addition of a full-service restaurant and bar, but after five years, Liquid Riot seems to have it handled. Michaud, who also founded Novare Res Bier Café, a renowned craft-beer bar in the Old Port, works with his small, close-knit team to accomplish something that others have not even dared to attempt.

Delivery Services

The Press Herald has published an article about food delivery services operating in Portland.

As Portland has matured into a great food city, it’s also sprouted a variety of food delivery services so residents can get their pad thai, M&Ms, or local beer delivered right to their door.


Map and Menu has published a profile of Belleville.

If we lived on the peninsula, I have a feeling it would be an everyday struggle not to swing by Belleville for a cup of Tandem coffee and a pain au chocolat in the morning, or a slice of hot pepper & salami pizza in the afternoon.

Bubba’s Sulky Lounge

Down East has published a feature about Bubba’s Sulky Lounge.

The “mayor of Portland Street,” as Bubba has been called, is a retired Marine, former high-school basketball star, and proud owner of 14 race horses (hence the bar’s name — a “sulky” being a two-wheeled, jockey-toting cart used in harness racing). Bubba’s tall and soft-spoken, a lifelong Portlander who doesn’t like talking about his age but is somewhere in the neighborhood of 80. He opened Bubba’s in 1961, rebuilt it after a fire in 1981, and put in the light-up dance floor sometime thereafter (no one quite remembers). He stops in daily, often adding this or that to the decor.

Yordprom Coffee

The Portland Phoenix has published an article about Yordprom Coffee and its owner Tom Yordprom.

Many of Tom’s customers know that he’ll have their regular orders waiting for them by the time they step up to the counter. They’ve been coming to the same place everyday for years because they feel like a part of a community. Tom created that community and he knows that without him, that community wouldn’t exist.

The article reports that Yordprom Coffee will be expanding to Biddeford and may also launch a coffee truck.