Cafe Louis in Knightville

Eaux chef/owner Evan Richardson along with business partner Ben Ferri have leased space in South Portland where he plans to open a new restaurant. Cafe Louis (instagram) will be located at 173 Ocean Street in the former home of RJ’s Pub.

Cafe Louis will serve brunch during the day and become a small plate/bar at night. Richardson has Costa Rican and Honduran family, and the cuisine from those countries will be the point of inspiration for the food at Cafe Louis. The menu will include re-imagined classic dishes like gallo pinto, chicharonnes and chorreadas.

Richardson hopes to open the new restaurant this spring in March or April. It will be joining a fast growing restaurant row in Knightville that includes Taco Trio, Judy Gibson, Solo Cucina and SoPo Seafood which is also under construction.

Richardson continues to move forward with plans to relocate Eaux to a larger location in Portland—details on the new spot are forthcoming. He had started work on the Cafe Louis project back in 2019 before making the decision to move his flagship restaurant to new quarters.

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