Restaurant Bonds

Two local restaurants, Woodford F & B, and A & C Grocery are offering a chance for customers to support them now that comes with a payout with interest down the road.

  • A & C Grocery is selling special $100 gift certificate for $90. The gift certificates are after Maine lifts the pandemic state of emergency. Call (207) 329-4314 or visit them on Washington Ave to purchase. Anyone buying two or more also get an A & C t-shirt.
  • Woodford F & B is selling a special type of gift certificate that are worth more the longer you wait to redeem them. A $100 gift certificate bought this month will be worth $115 on April 1st (the soonest it can be redeemed), $125 on July 1st, $135 on October 1st and if held to maturity on December 1st are worth $150.

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  1. A&C and Woodford are the only ones I know of so far. I’ll add them to this list if anyone else decides to do it as well.

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