Boston Globe Portland Eating Guide

The Boston Globe has published an eating and drinking guide to Portland.

Portland is like Disney for diners. The charming city on Casco Bay is chock-full of excellent little restaurants, clustered together and worth lining up for. From sparkling seafood to the best baked goods, food here is a tourist attraction unto itself. Don’t spend your time roaming the Old Port in search of overpriced lobster rolls. Instead, head to the places where delicious food meets a distinctive point of view. Here’s where to start when you visit this little city with a big-time food scene, as well as a couple of don’t-miss spots less than 20 miles away.

Featured restaurants: Central Provisions, Cong Tu Bot, Drifters Wife, Duckfat, Elda, Eventide, Fore Street, Mr. Tuna, Palace Diner, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, Rose Foods, Standard Baking, Tandem, The Honey Paw.

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