Reviews: Gross Confection Bar, Royale Lunch Bar

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed the Gross Confection Bar, and

By and large, Dadaleares’ sweet dishes are superb, each one a tiny experiment that explores balance among sweet, tart and savory flavors, as well as tender, yielding textures and boisterous crunch. Bar manager Jaren Rivas’s beverage program offers its own host of surprisingly savory cocktails alongside local draft beers and mostly dry wines — ideal for pairing with even the sweetest dessert on Gross’ engaging and adventurous menu.

the Press Herald has reviewed the Royale Lunch Bar.

Well, what can I say? The Bifteck sandwich was a glorious feast, a tantalizing symphony for my taste buds and a sublime moment of sandwich perfection. And here’s where I’m going to shock you, so be ready: I couldn’t eat the whole thing. And I ALWAYS eat the whole thing. But this thing was substantial and paired with those hand-cut fries, I couldn’t slay the beast, try as I did. But I ate most of it and savored every morsel. My only regret is that I wish I had a George Constanza-esque napping area beneath my desk to hide away in for a post-meal siesta.

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