Binga's & Perry's

The Portland Daily Sun has published a review at Binga’s Stadium.

Some sauces I’d order again, some I wouldn’t. If you don’t want chicken, you can go for ribs. There’s a falafel sandwich and a couple of salads for the meat-averse. The fried pickles sounded interesting but were way too salty. The beer selection is a fraction of what you can get at Great Lost Bear or Novare Res. It seems that I’ve got a laundry list of reasons not to like the place but I loved it, screens and all. Go figure.

Also in the Tuesday Sun is a short profile on Perry’s Sidewalk Cafe and its owner, Perry Mogul.

For six and a half years, kosher hot dog vendor Perry Mogul wandered in the desert — the desert of Arizona — before returning this summer to Portland.

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