Lunch at Big Sky

Portland Food Heads has published a review of the lunch at Big Sky Bread Co.

If you’d like the long and short of it, it is. I’ve eaten just about every incarnation of food they serve; breakfast, sandwiches, salads, soups, bread etc., and I’m happy to say that, while none of it is over-the-top incredible, it’s all very well put together and demands more than a few visits to get the whole picture.

2 comments on “Lunch at Big Sky

  1. I have tried their lunch several times at different times and each time the service was REALLY slow! Only come here for lunch if you have a lot of time to kill….

  2. I go the to the monument square shop all the time and they do a pretty efficient job at turning around your order. Not the absolute best sandwich around but a very good place to go for an honest quick lunch.

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