Best New Breweries: Bissell Brothers

Paste magazine has included Bissell Brothers in their list of the Best New Breweries of 2014.

The bros actually opened the doors of their nano-brewery late in 2013, but this year has seen them gain considerable momentum; The Substance IPA continues to sate Portland-area hopheads, and hoppy amber Bucolia didn’t do too bad a job either, but Bissell Brothers really spread its wings this past month with the release of Angels with Filthy Souls, an Amarillo-laced milk porter that should immediately assuage any fears of a redundant portfolio on the brewery’s part. If expansion is not on their radar, then the rest of us are worse off for it.

3 comments on “Best New Breweries: Bissell Brothers

  1. Bissell Brothers Brewing is a Maine success story that we all should be proud of. The beer they brew and the image that they have created is truly remarkable. Their popularity is a double edged sword, though. For the local beer drinker, trying to support them can be a frustrating. Scoring a 4 pack of canned Substance at a retail shop is damn near impossible unless you know the day and time it is being delivered. OK, then beat the crowd and head over to their brewery 30 mins before opening? Wrong! A line of 50 people will be cued up ahead of you. Mostly from out of state. I know they are increasing their brewing capacity to try to meet the demand, but it is tough to be a homer.

  2. Marshall Wharf deserves some love here, Bissell is great, don’t get me wrong, but the Marshall Wharf offerings by and large taste so different from eachother and are absolutely fantastic.

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