Best 50 Sandwiches: Duckfat & The Cheese Iron

Men’s Journal has included the Duck Confit Panini at Duckfat and the Bella Mortadella at The Cheese Iron in their list of the 50 Best Sandwiches in America.

To choose the top sandwiches in America, we recruited a dozen chefs and food writer, and took all the parts into account: The bread, filling, toppings, and how it all comes together in that first bite. The only caveats: Burgers aren’t sandwiches (they’re burgers), and likewise wraps, burritos, and hot dogs are out.  Otherwise, if it was between two pieces of bread, it was fair game. Here, a few hundred slices later, are the sandwiches that are worth making room for. 

One comment on “Best 50 Sandwiches: Duckfat & The Cheese Iron

  1. On the strength of their inclusion in the 50 Best Sandwiches, I drove to Scarborough in a snow storm a few days ago to try their Bella Mortadella. The meat and cheese were relish, but the focaccia was so crispy on both sides it shredded the roof of my mouth. Not what I was looking for. You know who I think has the best sandwiches in the Portland area? Rosemont bakery. Meat or veggie, both flawless.

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