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There are two new additions to the Portland Food Map directory: Bazkari Catering and Portland Eats.

Bazkari runs a daily lunch delivery service and starting today are serving their Spanish cuisine from one of the day tables on the 2nd floor of the Public Market House. The owner’s cooking is inspired by the time she’s spent in Peru, Bolivia as well as the Basque and Andalusian areas of Spain.

Portland Eats is a new food blog that’s just published a MRW review of Evangeline,

I’m glad that I am writing about dinner at Evangline as one of my first posts. Having dined at many restaurants over the past two years in Portland, Evangeline is one of my favorites. It’s not just the food (which is excellent), but the service, atmosphere, decor and general vibe of the restaurant that are all spot-on.

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  1. Thanks for the timely heads up on Bazkari. We headed downtown and gave them a full sampling. Very minimal offering but high quality. I think the price is a scosch on the high side, but we were pleased by the flavor. I hope they can get established and show off other offerings in the retail scene. The potential is huge and I hope they succeed.

  2. Glad to see we are now on the Portland Food Map!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that we will only be having day tables at the Public Market House for special events. We were there all last week to give out some samples and sell a couple of items, but it is difficult for us to serve hot food at a day table. It’s too cold outside right now to just have cold dishes! We are, however, offering free tastings for select offices in downtown. If you would like to sample some of Ana’s cuisine, please contact me at

    We are currently accepting orders for our daily lunch delivery on our website, NO MINIMUM ORDER.

    Ben O’Connell
    Bazkari Catering

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