Bard Coffee Roasters Now Open

bardmapBard Coffee Roasters is scheduled to open this morning at 7 am. Bard is located in the Old Port near the intersection of Middle and Exchange Streets. The interior looks really nice. I’ve heard that they’ll have free wi-fi and (relatively) late night hours on the weekend.

3 comments on “Bard Coffee Roasters Now Open

  1. It is indeed wonderful — great coffee personally crafted by Bob, the raoster at Wicked Joe’s, good treats from Standard Baking and other bakeries most folks around alreadty love, great seating, and blindingly fast wireless.
    Oh, did I mention the staff is top knotch? And a clean, modern bathroom?
    Defintely worth checking out!

  2. Stopped in to check it out… WOW is what I left with… WONDERFUL coffee, excellent interior and curb appeal. The staff was VERY friendly – and how many places do you frequent where the owners greet you with a smile, make your order, and even clear your table when you are done… Again, I pause to say “WOW!”
    There was nice background music, a nice relaxing setting, and to be honest I didn’t want to leave and go “back out there…”
    You MUST stop in and try an expresso and a treat!!!

  3. You people are the best!!!!! There will never be another coffee shop for me when I am in Portland. Keep up the awesome job.

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