August in Maine: John Naylor & Lobster Rolls

The August issue of Maine magazine includes a Joe Ricchio A List column on Lobster Rolls (hint: his favorite is at Old Port Sea Grill) and a profile of John Naylor who together with co-owner Scott Anderson founded Rosemont Market and Bakery.

If you walk into any of the Rosemont stores, they feel more like a chef’s ideal pantry than a business. Each item has been hand-selected, and while the stores are small, they somehow contain everything you need. In addition to offering some of the best vegetables and locally raised meats in the state, they also sell freshly baked bread, have a discerning selection of inexpensive and higher-priced wines, and serve a selection of gourmet foods [made] from the same local vegetables and meats they carry.

The articles aren’t online (yet) but you can usually pick up a free copy of the magazine at Bard Coffee.

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  1. Vervacious is open at 227 Commercial street now
    I posted this a few days ago but you never added it
    Order 5-10/11 Order Granting Municipal Officer’s Approval of Little Seoul
    (Tab 5) Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Little Seoul Restaurant, 90 Exchange Street.
    Application for a Class I Restaurant with Liquor License –
    Sponsored by Linda C. Cohen, City Clerk.
    In space formerly known as The Greek Corner. New City and State License Application filed 7-2-10.

  2. Hint: Ricchio works at Old Port Sea Grill. Of course he’s going to say that!

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