Hybrid Restaurant Markets & Sea Salt

The Food & Dining section in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram includes an article about hybrid restaurant markets, and

Restaurants featuring retail space – or vice-versa – isn’t a new concept. Department stores and clothiers like Macy’s and Tommy Bahama have hosted restaurants for decades in an effort to attract more customers. Eataly, the Italian foods shopping and dining megastores with locations from Boston to Silicon Valley, has become a phenomenon all its own.

But the mashup of restaurant and retail is becoming more common here in Portland, too. From Terlingua and Onggi on Washington Avenue to Friends & Family on Congress Street, Coveside Coffee on Vannah Avenue and The Maker’s Galley on Commercial Street, the combo concept has been gaining traction around town in the last couple of years.

an article about Maine companies sustainably producing sea salt.

China is the world’s leading salt producer, but luckily for us here in Maine we have an increasingly rich local supply of the good stuff. There are three saltern operations based in Maine that produce food-grade salt using nothing but sea water and solar (and a bit of human) energy. Maine-based spice companies blend Maine sea salt with everything from allspice to sea vegetables (a newish term to take the stigma away from seaweed). And grocery stores and specialty retailers are making Maine sea salt in various forms more readily available to shoppers.

LyAnna Sanabria/Papi

Boston.com has published an interview with Papi co-founder LyAnna Sanabria.

LyAnna Sanabria thinks of her Puerto Rican heritage when she creates a new cocktail: The local bartender grew up in New England, but her powerful recollection of relatives cooking and making food serves as inspiration behind the bar. In early January, she will be opening Papi, a Puerto Rican-inspired restaurant and bar in Portland, Maine, which will give her a stage to draw from her culture.

Full Turn Opens Friday


Full Turn (website, instagram) is opening today.  The new restaurant is located in the former Baharat space in East Bayside. The launch of Full Turn is being led by Chloe Kessell and Melissa Pappas in collaboration with the owners of Baharat. Josh Lemay will be running the bar program. Kessell, Pappas and Lemay were the former GM, kitchen manager and bartender at Baharat.

Full Turn will be serving seasonal menus that change-up frequently with restaurant concepts that shift with each ‘turn’ of the menu. For this initial version of Full Turn the concept is of a neighborhood pub. When you go be sure to check out the spicy version of the fried chicken sandwich.

Full Turn will initially be open 4 – 9 pm, Thursday through Saturday.