50 Things to Eat in Portland

Spoon University writer Madeleine Cohen has compiled a list of 50 Things to Eat in Portland.

Often called the food destination in America, a food mecca, “foodie” heaven, and many other food nicknames, Portland is known for having some of the best restaurants in the world. Here’s a definitive list of all of Portland’s classic and famous eats, plus a few extras that everyone should have on their radar.

Under Construction: Brea Lu Cafe

Brea Lu Cafe has signed a lease for 9 Westbrook Street in Westbrook, the former location of Thanksgivings.

According to a report from the Press Herald, owner Christian DeLuca hopes to open in August.

DeLuca said Brea Lu’s menu will be “exactly the same” as it was on Forest Avenue, featuring breakfast and lunch dishes. The restaurant will have its own parking lot, which the Forest Avenue location did not, and about the same amount of seating, at least at first.

You can see a video of the current interior of the space on Brea Lu’s facebook page.

Tandem Interview in Paste

Paste has published an interview with Will Pratt, co-owner of Tandem Coffee Roasters.

Paste: What’s important to Tandem from the perspective of buying beans?
Will Pratt: The coffee has to have a story. Most of our coffee comes through importers, but we’re starting to travel a little bit with them, too. The people that we work with have been doing it for a long time; they’re vetted, and we know their principles.