Breakfast Review of Three Buoys

The Bollard has published a review of Three Buoys Seafood Shanty and Grille.

Before I get into the whole “I would never know this place serves breakfast” bit — and have no fear, it’s coming — let me just cut to the chase. You have to go to 3 Buoys Seafood Shanty & Grille for breakfast. Tomorrow, if not sooner. It’s that good. If you don’t, and they decide to stop serving breakfast because business is too slow, I’m going to be pissed and will hold you personally responsible. Got it? Great, now we can get started.

Review of Ribollita

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Ribollita.

Ribollita’s long-standing reputation is well-deserved. Order handmade pasta (especially the gnocchi) in this rustic, romantic neighborhood trattoria, and have it served by friendly and food-loving staff. The signature ribollita soup is outstanding, and each of the exclusively Italian wines show thought in both selection and price point. For some of the best Tuscany-inspired dishes in the area, Ribollita is the place to go.

Saint Patrick’s Day Law

The Bangor Daily News interviewed Brian Boru co-owner Dan Steele about his request to the state to allow liquor sales starting at 6 am on this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

Dan Steele thought his request to lawmakers on Feb. 20 was a straightforward one: Pass legislation that would allow his Portland bar, Brian Boru, to open at 6 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day this year, when the holiday falls on a Sunday.

“This is a small-business issue in a tough economy,” said Steele, a co-owner of the Portland bar. “This is about my employees. This is about tax revenue. This is about jobs.”

MRW Reviews of Walters and Petite Jacqueline

Map & Menu has published a review of the Maine Restaurant Week lunch at Petite Jacqueline,

The sandwich au fromage was a melted brie with apricot preserves, served on a baguette with a side salad. Judging by the abundance of clean plates, I’d say that everyone enjoyed their meals.

and The Golden Dish has published a review of the MRW dinner at Walter’s.

Still, it’s hats off to Buerhaus all the way.  He’s kept pace with Portland’s many restaurant divergences with grace and style, and there are certain dishes coming from the kitchen that you couldn’t get anywhere else in town.

Immigrant Kitchens: Chicken Biryani

In the latest entry from Immigrant Kitchens, Lindsay Sterling learns how to make Chicken Biryani from Sudha Chalicham and Venu Chaganti (read the recipe and see the photos).

Then they added another quarter cup of whole dried spices: bay leaves, black cardamom pods, black cumin, cinnamon bark pieces, green cardamom pods, star anise, cloves and mace. Mace is the dried casing of the nutmeg nut. Each piece looks like a thumb-sized dried jellyfish.