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Review of Muthah Truckah

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The Press Herald has reviewed The Muthah Truckah.

First, my teeth sank into the slices of griddle-fried ciabatta bread. Then came the layers of bacon jam (bacon literally pulverized into jam), bright orange BBQ potato chips with ridges, turkey, cheddar cheese, pickles and BBQ aioli. There were some pretty strong flavors in there, yet no single one shone above the rest.

It was crispy, buttery, chewy, crunchy, tangy, sour and creamy, all at the same time. It was like a blockbuster Broadway musical, dancing in my mouth.

Review of Otherside, Dutch’s, Muthah Truckah

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed the sandwiches at the Otherside Delicatessen, Dutch’s and The Muthah Truckah.

As [Otherside’s] corned beef sandwich reveals, they do it well. The meat is on the lean side, and tender enough but not melty soft. The slight chew lets you appreciate the meat’s richness and subtle spice — which stand up to the sharp flavors of sauerkraut and mustard, as well as a thick cut of rye. A pork schnitzel sandwich was served on a soft white puff of a roll, swirled like a cloud. It contrasted with the chew of the pounded meat, thick-breaded and fried. It was topped with an appealingly complex bitter-sour slaw — a finely diced mélange of egg, caper and cabbage.

50 Top Takeout

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Dispatch has posted their list of the 50 best takeout dishes in Portland.

OAD 200: Hugo’s, Miyake, Eventide, Central

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Four Portland restaurants were included in the 2015 Opinionated About Dinning list of the 200 best restaurants in the US: Hugo’s(#38), Miyake(#107), Eventide(#142), Central Provisions(#196).

Review of Union

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

The Golden Dish has posted a first look review of Union.

As a main course I had the coulotte steak, one of my favorite steaks from the new order of cuts that butchers now favor. It displays a deliciously rich wallop of beef flavor so typical of the tenderest parts  cut from the sirloin cap. My dinner mate had the halibut with clams that was a classic preparation.

Reviews: Sinful Kitchen, Hella Good, Mi Sen

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

The Press Herald has published a review of The Sinful Kitchen,

I tried the pulled pork version, since Mallari is known for his pork, and it came with fresh salsa and a jalapeno Hollandaise. The eggs were perfectly runny, and the pork was nice and tender. I ate so much of it – it was a huge plate – I couldn’t finish the home fries, which were seasoned well and browned just right. That dish was just $10.

and a bar review of Hella Good.

Hella Good Tacos transitioned from food truck to a 75-capacity restaurant last year, opening in the space that was occupied by Steve & Renee’s Diner for 30 years. Josh and Melissa Bankhead, both from California, eased Steve & Renee’s clientele into an authentic Mexican menu by including some original diner staples, like pancakes and French toast. Open until 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, Hella Good is also a place to find great craft beer, both local drafts and some of the Bankheads’ favorite California brews. The atmosphere is fun and funky, with quick service and a unique neighborhood feel.

And, Peter, Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Mi Sen.

I’ll definitely be back to Mi Sen. The food was good and the prices are very reasonable. Our meal came to just over $50 after tip. There’s still a lot I want to try there, so next time, I’ll definitely get something completely different. I must say too that the food I brought home was even better the next day when I wasn’t overly full. See for yourself. Go and order a bunch of items like me, so you can have some left over to enjoy later.

Review of Sonny’s

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Sonny’s.

Located in a striking historic building in the heart of the Old Port, Sonny’s is a laid-back restaurant with a bustling bar scene and a somewhat eccentric dinner menu the owner calls “Latin-inspired.” Sit up front for a view of the kitchen and maximum buzz, or ask for a table in the back room if you’re searching for something quieter. Empanadas are made daily and filled with a variety of different meats and vegetables. (Watch out for the five-alarm chipotle sour cream; it’s likely to bring tears to your eyes.) If you’re sticking with a South American theme, try pulled pork enchiladas. Looking for something simpler? Seared fish with herbed butter sauce is reliably good. Chocolate lovers will want to leave room for a mocha ganache-drenched cake with black cherry almond filling. Made with Bob’s Red Mill wheat-free flour, the velvety confection gives gluten-free a much better name.

Review of Bao Bao

Friday, May 8th, 2015

The Press Herald has posted a bar review of Bao Bao.

This is the kind of place that would be hard to resist ordering at least one or two things off the menu – an order of six dumplings, a plate of smashed cucumbers – but the cocktails, sake, local beer on tap and the unique array of teas are quite worth the wait and the charming atmosphere.

Review of Bao Bao

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

The Bollard has published a brunch review of Bao Bao.

Many of the offerings at Bao Bao are not particularly authentic, but they’re all good, and a few are downright great. The incredibly friendly waitstaff was happy to explain anything in detail and help us make good choices — service you’re not likely to find at a big-city banquet hall. Until the day when a true dim sum experience becomes available in Portland, Bao Bao will fill that niche admirably.

Review of The Honey Paw

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The Golden Dish has reviewed The Honey Paw.

A grand opus of thoroughly masterful culinary achievement is nearly an understatement of how good the food is from the master chefs who brought us Eventide and Hugo’s, with chef de cuisine Thomas Pisha-Duffly leading the charge.

Review of The Local Press

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The Press Herald has reviewed The Local Press.

The Local Press is known for serving Boar’s Head meats and for its bowls of “Rundown,” a spicy Caribbean chowder made with coconut milk, curry and root vegetables. The chowder is a huge draw; a bowl of Rundown and a panini certainly make for a complete and filling meal. The menu also always includes a soup of the day, such as sweet potato bisque.

Where to Eat Now

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

This week’s Press Herald Food & Dining section highlights the restaurants to eat at now—before the tourists show up and tables become scarce.

Bayside/Bintliff’s Boone’s, Cafe, Central Provisions, Duckfat, East Ender, Eventide, Flatbread, Fore Street, Hot Suppa, J’s Oyster Bar, Lolita, M.C. Union, Pai Men Miyake, The Honey Pot were all mentioned in the article.

All too often, the act of simply making it to a restaurant table in Maine during the summer months sucks so much of the joy out of dining that we slink away until the leaves of autumn start to fall and it feels safe to return. So, before the Fourth of July hordes descend upon our fair city, here are our suggestions for places we suggest you visit during the next two months, before it’s too late. Take a deep breath – or two – and actually enjoy yourself.

Also, the paper’s Bite draws attention to the open-faced sunflower butter and lingonberry jam sandwich at Ten Ten Pié.

Review of Tiqa

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Tiqa.

Bright, attractive and busy, Tiqa is a large “pan-Mediterranean” restaurant on the western edge of the Old Port. With dishes and recipes inspired by the foods of southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, there’s a broad range of lunch and dinner options, from flatbreads and skewered meats – the chicken merguez kefta is excellent – to pan-seared Egyptian-style fish and memorable braised oxtail from Sicily. Avoid the fried food: fried broccolini (fritto misto) and chickpea fritters (falafel) here both fall flat. And take advantage of the free valet parking (after 5 p.m.), the opportunity to sample wines before ordering and the superb fruit sorbets made daily. Those sorbets blend silky texture with intense flavor for a deeply satisfying finish to a meal.

Review of Sur Lie

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

The Golden Dish has reviewed Sur Lie.

Everything was so good that I felt no need to end the meal with a final sweet, of which there are some tempting choices on the menu.  But one fact is certain.  Sur-Lie has hit its stride since it opened in October of last year.  Now it’s right up there with the best in town and should be indubitably on the top of your list to enjoy fine dining in Portland.

Bon Appétit: Tandem Bakery

Friday, April 24th, 2015

ba_briana2The May issue of Bon Appétit features Tandem Bakery in their article Will Fly for Food which highlights 29 locations worldwide “to get lost and fed”.

A cool coffee bar tucked inside a brilliantly restored old gas station? This is Tandem Coffee + Bakery in cozy Portland, Maine, where you’ll find some of the most impressive and innovative baked goods this country has seen in years. Here’s why we’re heading north for our sugar fix.

The article includes a sidebar which lists a few other venues in town: Bao Bao, Bissell Brothers, East Ender, Maine & Loire, Slab, The Danforth Inn, The Press Hotel.

The magazine should begin arriving in mailboxes and on newsstands in the next few days.

Review of East Ender

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed the East Ender.

So the low-key remake of East Ender offers a boost to a block now packed with good restaurants. It is quite a change from last year when the bright orange Small Axe Truck stood loud, proud and alone in Bayside or Congress Square Park. The truck was named for the Bob Marley song about the power of small efforts to result in big change. Perhaps in abandoning the truck for the East Ender, the chefs hope to follow the path of their new neighborhood’s anchor — Hugo’s, which chef Rob Evans similarly bought and remade under its original name. It was a subtle change that gave birth to a food empire. The truck-magic often results in something significant and long lasting — teen-pregnancy and parenthood, for example, or a Clinton presidency, perhaps. The new East Ender should be around a long while, too.

Bar Review of JP’s

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The Press Herald has published a bar review of JP’s Bistro.

JP’s Bistro is a small neighborhood restaurant specializing in Italian dishes and craft cocktails. Capacity is about 50, but the bistro doesn’t leave much room left over. Reservations are recommended, even at the bar on weekend nights. The bar is snug, but comfortable, and you’ll likely strike up a conversation with the friendly staff as you enjoy expertly made cocktails, craft beer on tap and a solid wine list.

Yankee’s Best of New England

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

yankeeSeveral Portland area food enterprises have been recognized by Yankee magazine in their annual Best of New England list:

  • Maine Brew Bus for Best Brewery Tour
  • Vinland for Best Locavore Restaurant
  • Li’s Chinese Express in Freeport for Best Chinese Food Cart
  • Bresca and the Honey Bee in New Gloucester for Best Lakeside Snack Shack


Zimmern’s Top BBQ

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern has included Salvage BBQ in his list of the top barbecue spots in the country.

I ate here a few months ago and demolished a platter of pork ribs and a pile of some of the best sliced brisket in recent memory, and I still managed to roll over to the counter and eat a quarter chicken because I couldn’t leave without ingesting more smoke and sauce. Food geeks will be inspired and—dare I say it?—barbecue freaks will travel here and be made happy, despite their contrarian, contemptuous hang-ups about geographic authenticity.

Bar Review of Vena’s Fizz House

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

The Press Herald has reviewed the bar at Vena’s.

Vena’s Fizz House is the cutest soda bar in existence, and it just got a lot cuter with its recent addition of alcoholic beverages. Owners Johanna and Steve are incredibly welcoming, creative and seem to genuinely love what they do. The cocktails and mocktails are nothing you’ve ever tasted before and are served in vintage glassware found by Johanna. Vena’s is a must-visit.