World’s Longest Lobster Roll

Back in 2009 Portland set a world record when it built a 61 foot lobster roll on Commercial Street.  As this article from Atlas Obscura details, the record has extended by leaps and bounds over the last few years as towns in Canada, New Hampshire and New York got in on the act.

Shediac, New Brunswick reclaimed the title with a 180 lobster roll.

Savoie said they originally planned to make their lobster roll 150 feet long, recognizing Canada’s 150th birthday, but decided rather than contest New Hampshire’s claim [159 feet], they would just beat it.

The new record also beats the one set in 2016 by the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association, which created a roll measuring 122 feet.

All of which makes me wonder whether it’s time for Portland to get back into the fray and reclaim the title for Maine.

The Brick South building on Thompson’s Point measures 224 feet long and would make for an great spot to bake and build 200+ foot roll. What do you think?

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