Word Play: The Color Series

Flanagan’s Table has unveiled the 2016 calendar for their popular dinner series. During the coming year they’re adding an extra twist for Word Play: The Color Series. Each is conceived by a pair (or more) of chefs and “This eight dinner series is colored themed and an execution of the chefs’ interpretation of those colors — literally and figuratively — through a five-course meal.”

  • January 31st, Purple, Thomas Pisha-Duffly from The Honey Paw and Justin Walker from Earth
  • February 27th, Red, Amanda Hallowell from Nebo Lodge and David Turin from David’s
  • April 30th, Yellow, Krista Kern Desjarlais from The Purple House and Josh Potocki from 158
  • June 26th, Green, Rob Evans from Duckfat and Masa Miyake from Miyake/Pai Men
  • July 31st, Pink, Wilson Rothschild from Terlingua and Anders Talberg from Roustabout
  • August 7th, Black, Sous Chef dinner
  • October 2nd, Orange, Ilma Lopez and Damian Sansonetti from Piccolo and Andrew Taylor and Michael Wiley from Hugo’s
  • December 3rd, White, Larry Matthews from Back Bay Grill and Jason Williams from The Well

On Wednesday, Flanagan’s Table will begin selling a limited number of subscriptions to the entire series.

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