Woodford F&B to Open Wednesday

Woodford Food & Beverage (facebook, twitter, instagram, website) has announced plans to open on Wednesday January 20th at 5pm.The 85-seat restaurant is located in the center of Woodfords Corner, 660 Forest Ave, at the location of the original Valle’s Steakhouse.

Chef Courtney Loreg with owners Birch Shambaugh and Fayth Preyer have had as their goal to create a “classic neighborhood eatery where you can count on having a reasonable, simple meal or, when you feel like it, something a bit more special”.

Here’s and advance look at the opening night menu (click to enlarge). There’s a daily rotating list of specials (I’m looking forward to Friday’s braised lamb shanks) along with a mix of classic neighborhood restaurant dishes like roast chicken,  strip steak, brussels sprouts, mussels and roast beet salad. The menu’s accompanied by a food friendly list of wine and beer and a short list of cocktails.



Woodford Food & Beverage will be open dinner 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays). They plan to start serving Sunday brunch (10-3) on January 31st.

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  1. Grew up in neighborhood and ate at the original Vallee’s as a kid. Looking forward to your opening. Wondering if you use local meats and produce? ( free range, grass fd etc)

  2. Laurie, I passed your question on to the owners and here’s their reply:

    “We use the best option available to us, and local/grass-fed/organic/et al whenever possible. Ultimately, our priority is to deliver the best product and offering; unfortunately local isn’t always the best option for us. Our chicken, for example, is from an amazing local producer. Our beef often is and, of course, our fish is straight out of the drink.”

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