Whole Foods vs Trader Joe’s

The Golden Dish has published a comparison of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

In comparing the Portland branches of Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods, is it about two stores vying for the same shopper? Or does it come down to basic apples to oranges assessment?

One comment on “Whole Foods vs Trader Joe’s

  1. A need for more national stores….on the peninsula!? That’s a poor way to sum the article. Where would another store go, and why? TJ’s and WF provide almost anything needed for even a creative cook, and for additional needs, the numerous ethnic markets supplement well. Maybe you should take a look at those. I shop at 4 on the peninsula, and they have excellent variety and low prices.
    By the way, WF DOES have golden raisins Mr. Golden. You just have to know where to look! I took a pic, but it won’t allow me to post here. Just look in the bulk department.

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