Washington Post: Many Flavors of Portland

Washington Post editor Joe Yonan has written about a visit to Portland eating and drinking at  Micucci’s, Urban Farm Fermentory, Eventide and Bresca.

Maybe there’s something in the sea air that gets to you, that fills you with Maine pride. I’ve heard more than one Mainer say with confidence that Portland’s food scene is better than Boston’s, for instance, and I’ve always (politely) scoffed. But I’ve been in the state for the better part of a year, and I’m starting to see their point. If nothing else, I think of it this way: If little Portland were plunked down in the middle of Boston, it would be a food lover’s destination. And I’d head there for dinner — or lunch, or pre-dinner oysters, or mid-morning pastries, or a macchiato — anytime.

Yonan has been spending a year in Maine and is occasionally blogging about on his website.

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