Washington Ave: Oxbow Tasting Room & a New Restaurant

Two new under construction updates surfaced on Tuesday via an article in the Press Herald Real Estate section. The article (not available online) talked about the renovations to the old Nissen Bakery building at 75 Washington Ave.

New developments include:

  • An Oxbow Warehouse and Tasting Room – I talked with Oxbow co-owner Tim Adams and he confirmed that Oxbow is the “well-known local brewery” mentioned in the article. Oxbow has taken over 10,000 sq. ft. of space (instagram photo) in the building—a huge increase over the 800 sq. ft. they currently operate out of in Newcastle. In addition to tanks for conditioning, aging and equipment for bottling their beer, Oxbow also plans to open a Portland tasting room. The tasting room is being designed by local artist Will Sears and Sam Gilbert.
  • A New Restaurant – the article confirms the rumors around town about a restaurant going in on Washington Ave. It will be located in the retail spaces that are currently vacant. More details will no doubt emerge once they sign the lease.

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  1. Anyone heard rumors of Italian style resto going in Squire Morgan, Molly Malones old location?

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