Viva Lebowski & 13th Cookie

Today’s Press Herald includes an interview with Dave Cousins, the organizer behind this weekend’s Viva Lebowski festival at Bayside Bowl.

In Cousins’ mind, the event needed to be bigger than just a fun night out. His “reason” for doing the event came through a friend, Colleen Kelley, owner of Silly’s restaurant in Portland. Nicholas Stevens, a former Silly’s employee and owner of 13th Cookie, a local bakery of organic, vegan, gluten- and soy-free cookies, has multiple sclerosis, and a flare-up prevented him from working.

Cousins, who only knew Stevens casually, jumped at the chance to put his passion for Lebowski to good use. Stevens, Cousins said, is a humble guy who can’t believe complete strangers want to help him out. But Cousins sees it differently.

Today’s paper also includes a What Ales You column on winter beers.

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