Visiting Chef Alfie Mossadeg

Portland Phoenix columnist Chris Papagni has written about the recent visit by chef Alfie Mossadeg to Portland for Tempo Dulu’s Singapore Sling dinner.

Raymond Brunyanszki and Oscar Verest, owners of Tempo Dulu and the Danforth Inn, are known for doing things in a big way. They believe that their Executive Chef Lawrence Klang, whose cuisine has been widely celebrated, can benefit greatly from exposure to great chefs from all over Southeast Asia. Flying Chef Alfie to Portland is the first of several chef visits planned for 2016. Each chef will work alongside Chef Lawrence, collaborating and creating a new and exciting menu. This big-picture thinking is what sets Brunyanki and Verest apart from the rest. It’s all about learning, questioning and improving. Chef Alfie has great respect and much gratitude for the two men who brought him to the United States.

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